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BT’s new EE-esque logo is getting a bashing – even though it’s just a trademark.  Either way, the new look is a unique case of like son, like father instead of like father, like son. EE, homo(logo)phone..?

It’s good to talk – but it isn’t good to talk about logo changes until they’re made official, as is happening with the rumoured unveiling of BT’s brand new logo at the minute.

A trademark application has been found this week for a new identity for the telecoms giant, but ignore the broadsheet headlines as the icon won’t be properly released until August.

The logo seems to have only popped up on a TV broadcast so far, suggesting BT is slowly rolling out the new look. Either way, people commenting on the very simple black and white look of the logo should perhaps hold their horses – what we’re seeing isn’t the final article, and it’s best to judge a new logo in the way it’s applied.

If anything, the variant we’re seeing could be one for social channels. IKEA dropped an online-only logo this week which you can see below.

Like the BT logo, there are no colours and no fuss here – just a brand name that can sit in the corner of a video post without too much distraction, whilst the main logo sits in other channels wearing its true colours (and that’s why I love you.)

Whatever is unleashed over the summer, BT’s new logo will certainly retain its circular shape, being a riff of sorts on the logo for EE. The UK phone network merged with BT last year, and it looks like a circle fetish has rubbed off on the latter.

Screenshot of EE Facebook page

Could this be the first time a parent company has taken on the branding of a subsidiary?