Director Alie Daichi of “Confession of Family History” said, “I feel good, but I’m apart from returning due to injury.”

Director Sean Daichi (52) mentioned Dele Alli (27), who confessed to family affairs. 

Former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder 안전놀이터 and current Everton FC midfielder, Ali is a star with many fans in Korea. Alli had a great run at Tottenham, but it went downhill after that. 

Last month, Ali appeared on ‘The Overlap’, a program of British media ‘Sky Sports’ and hosted by Manchester United legend Gary Neville. At this meeting, Ali confessed that he had a difficult time, such as being addicted to sleeping pills and confessing to being molested at the age of six. Since then, fans have been sending a lot of support, and he himself has a strong will to revive. 

In this situation, Everton’s coach Daichi mentioned Ali. According to the British media ‘Times’ on the 7th, coach Daichi added, “Ali is in a good mood (having escaped from difficult things). But he still has a hip injury, and it will take some time before he returns.” 

Ali’s team, Everton, face off against Fulham FC in their opener on 13 August. Ali’s comeback is tough in that game, and it’s expected to be after that. 


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