“Kangin, I’ll protect your back!”‘…Key MF Who Rejected Saudi Arabia and chose ‘Romantic’

As soon as Lee Kang-in joined Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in France, the team is in a mess.

This is because the key players of the team are expected to leave. Signature striker Kylian Mbappe is experiencing conflict with PSG 안전놀이터 and is becoming more influential in transferring. Mbappe was left out of the Asian tour and then also out of first-team training after his return. In addition, rumors of a transfer of superstar Neymar are constantly being raised.

But there are also stars who protect PSG. The midfielder who rejected Saudi Arabia’s temptation and declared that he would stay at PSG is Marco Verratti.

He is a 30-year-old veteran who moved to PSG in 2012 and played 11 seasons until last season. A key resource to protect PSG’s midfield. He has recently attracted interest from Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal and Al-Ahli. But he refused. He decided to stay at PSG. He chose ‘romance’ over money.

Britain’s ‘Sports Mall’ reported that “Verati has decided to stay at PSG amid Saudi Arabia’s interest.”

In particular, it is analyzed that the influence of manager Luis Enrique was great in Verati’s stay. According to the media, coach Christophe Galtier used 3-4-3 and underused Verati.

On the other hand, coach Enrique predicts that Verati will be more useful by using a 4-3-3. Because of this, Verratti can take his place as a key player in Enrique’s team rebuilding work.

In addition, the media said, “Verati has collected 30 championship trophies at PSG. However, there is no European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) championship cup yet. Verratti is hoping to win the final puzzle, UCL.” added.

Verratti plays a supporting role behind the attacking options. It is a resource that can help Lee Kang-in a lot. In a situation where it is uncertain whether he will be able to match Mbappe and Neymar, Verati’s stay can have a positive impact on Lee Kang-in, including PSG.


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