“Very constructive and positive dialogue” PSG’s decision, Mbappe back in full first-team training

“We had a very constructive and positive conversation.” Kylian Mbappe, who is rumored to be transferring to Real Madrid, has returned 먹튀검증 to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) first team training.

Mbappe’s future is literally a total crisis. Mbappe, born in 1998, is a world-class striker who is evaluated as the next ‘Baldong Dor’ runner. Having shown infinite potential since his AS Monaco days, he joined PSG in 2017. He played on loan during the 2017–18 season, and transferred permanently the following year. At the time, PSG was known to have spent a huge amount of 180 million euros (approximately 260.9 billion won) for full recruitment costs alone.

This is the second highest transfer fee in the world. There was an effect. PSG, centered on Mbappe and Neymar, took the UCL final stage for the first time in the club’s history in the 2019-20 season. Unfortunately, we lost to Bayern Munich and failed to win the championship, but it was a positive enough achievement. Even after that, PSG steadily strengthened its power and established itself as one of the strongest teams in Europe.

Mbappe’s performance was also great. He not only played a huge role at PSG, but also became a key player in the French national team’s attack and was the main player in winning the 2018 World Cup. Afterwards, Real Madrid sent a strong love call and the transfer seemed likely, but Mbappe suddenly declared retention. He signed a new contract and continued to accompany PSG.

His contract runs until 2024 with an option for a one-year extension. In the process, PSG is known to have offered a down payment of a whopping 150 million euros (approximately 217.4 billion won) to protect Mbafe. Rumors also spread that Real, outraged by the decision, would no longer be interested in signing Mbappe.

In this way, the transfer saga seemed to be over. Mbappe contributed to PSG’s victory by scoring 29 goals and 5 assists in 34 Ligue 1 matches in France. His performances were still among the best in the league. However, the problem is that several noises have occurred. From the beginning of the season, various rumors such as rumors of a feud with Neymar flowed, and after that, it was criticized for causing the division of the team with bomb remarks.

Also, Mbappe has publicly indicated that he will not renew the contract. Mbappe extended his contract until the summer of 2024, having signed a new contract with PSG last summer. He also had an option for a one-year extension included. However, he expressed his stance that he would not invoke this extension clause. If this happens, Mbappe can transfer to the team he wants as a free agent next year.

Upon hearing this news, PSG were furious. If Mbappe has no intention of continuing the contract, he is considering selling it for a transfer fee this summer. In line with this, rumors of a transfer to Real Madrid have reignited. PSG was already convinced that Mbappe wanted to go to Real Madrid, and even excluded Mbappe from the pre-season tour list.

PSG are convinced that Mbappe wants to move to Real Madrid next summer. On the 22nd of last month, transfer market expert Fabricio Romano said: “PSG believes that Mbappe has already reached an agreement with Real Madrid for a transfer next summer. “Bappe didn’t say anything. Because of this, he was removed from the pre-season tour list and classified as a sale. PSG want to sell Mbappe.”

Only PSG is in a frustrating situation. Regardless of which team Mbappe wants to go to, if he does not transfer this summer or does not extend his contract, he must be sent for free. ‘Sky Sports’ reported the view that one of the reasons for Mbappe’s attitude is the transfer policy. Also, the media said, “PSG is now planning a team without Mbappe. They hope to set a clear precedent that no player is bigger than the club.”

In the end, PSG excluded Mbappe from first-team training, and he did not actually play in the opening game of Ligue 1. But there was a twist. Mbappe made a surprise return to first-team training.


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