I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but it’s a sacrifice.

No matter what, the country’s affairs are so important, but the idea that any sacrifice must be made is taken for granted, but it is uncomfortable.

While acknowledging that we have to think together and find a solution because we live with a stronger sense of community than other 안전놀이터 countries, the method is very violent and irrational. It is a way of committing it once, throwing an appropriate compensation plan, and forgetting it as if it had never happened. And in the process, the only ones who are frustrated by the reality of being hit without even saying ‘take’ are the fans.

A bomb thrown by the 2023 25th World Scout Jamboree, which was riddled with lameness, exploded at the Seoul World Cup Stadium via the Jeonju World Cup Stadium. As the K-Pop concert, which was committed and watched without proper rehearsal procedures, ended successfully thanks to the skills and skills of our musicians, the atmosphere ends with a strange conclusion that the Jamboree was decorated nicely at the end.

If the idea started with the mindset of showing a nice and kind appearance to outside guests who had a difficult time, I can understand it emotionally. However, it is very inconvenient for the guests of the main room, who have always been there to do so, to be treated as cumbersome baggage.

Even a member of the National Assembly proudly and unabashedly made the nonsensical argument that local residents should give up even their living rooms because they are doing their best for the Jamboree. It is said that a feast should be held grandly and enjoyed, but there is no such thing as a party where the owners of the bedroom go to the point of enduring inconvenience and humiliation. From then on, the perception that it was a nuisance hadn’t even been noticed. If you wanted a positive response even after doing this, you had to bow your head first and apologize and apologize without trying to teach.

The officials of FC Seoul, who turned around and handed over the Seoul World Cup Stadium, were just dumb and cold-hearted. Judging by his reaction, it was an atmosphere that pushed in to save the Jamboree, which was in crisis.

Of course, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the government said they would come up with a compensation plan so that the turf at the Seoul World Cup Stadium could be completely repaired. Considering the controversy caused by the expression “Seoul FC” rather than “FC Seoul,” recalling the fact that it is a subject with little awareness and understanding of professional sports, let’s just move on with the thought that it is worth it. Expectations are extravagant.

However, the efforts of FC Seoul and the Seoul Facilities Management Corporation, which have been put in for several years so that the grass of the Seoul World Cup Stadium, which was once evaluated as the worst, can rise to a world-class level, is not something that can be solved with such money. To put it a little harshly, isn’t it no different from throwing a lot of money and saying that you suffered a lot of beatings and going? Of course, there is a cool expression of “byeongju” and “yakjugo”, but if you look at the process, it’s safe to say that it’s hitting and giving a match.

I felt similar emotions during the controversy over the unified women’s ice hockey team at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in the past, but I think it’s a sport if it’s easy. And the process is very embarrassing because it is a totalitarian attitude regardless of the left or right partisan ideology.

Looking back, it was always like that. If they show reluctance in the sports world, they will swear with their supporters who do not know anything about it, saying, “How dare you do the country’s work,” and go through with it.

Those who caused the uproar disappear as if it never happened when the work is over, and all that remains are the wounded people who were originally there. Is this the right thing to do? Due to the nature of our society, it is said that it is harsh, but it is not natural to sacrifice. It may not seem like a big deal, but there are people who live, laugh, and enjoy it. Quite a lot of them too.


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