Lotte’s new coach is a hot commodity. Fans are already united. Will ‘he’ really come[SC Focus]?

As Lotte Giants head coach Larry Sutton voluntarily resigned due to health reasons, fans and the baseball world are curious about the new coach. The question is whether ‘that person’, the number one director that fans want, can really come 토토사이트.

Lotte announced on the 28th that Sutton resigned voluntarily, and head coach Lee Jong-woon would take over as acting manager and lead the rest of the season to the end. This means that a new manager will be appointed after the season is over.

As of the 28th, Lotte fell into 7th place with 50 wins and 58 losses. There is a difference of 5.5 games with the 6th place Doosan Bears. Now, with 36 games remaining, the captain, whose health was failing, got off the sinking ship as the water filled it.

It is unknown whether Lotte will continue to sink as it is now under the acting manager Lee Jong-woon system or whether it will be able to jump back into the fight for the top 5 with a rebound. It is clear that the atmosphere will change with the director’s resignation.

However, fans are already showing interest in Lotte’s new manager. There are many questions about whether SBS commentator Kim Tae-hyeong, who has won three championships and has a record of entering the Korean series for seven consecutive years, will become Lotte’s new manager.

Whenever Lotte’s performance fell on the Internet, many fans who wanted a manager change demanded commentator Kim Tae-hyung as the new manager. With his unique charisma, he highly praised his ability to squeeze all the team’s power and put it up to the Korean Series.

After Lotte announced Sutton’s resignation, Lotte fans are raising their voices wanting commentator Kim to go to Lotte.

Lotte has appointed coaches 14 times since coach Kang Byung-chul led them to the second championship in 1992, among which coaches with winning careers were recruited coach Baek In-cheon in 2002 (LG champion in 1990) and coach Kang again in 2006. That was all. After that, there were more cases of hiring a new manager than an experienced manager.

Lotte, which has not won the championship for 31 years since winning the championship in 1992, is now calling for a manager with a winning career. Among the coaches who have won championships, commentator Kim is considered the most suitable.

Commentator Kim has a career that makes him a candidate for any team that wants to change the manager. He commanded the Doosan Bears for 8 years from 2015 to last year, setting a record of advancing to the Korean Series for 7 consecutive years, excluding last year. Even after hearing the words ‘this year is difficult’ as a real free agent was withdrawn, he was included in one of the two teams that eventually went up to the Korean Series. The regular season championship was only three times, in 2016, 2018, and 2019, and the other four times went through semi-playoffs and playoffs, overcoming strong teams. In a total of 1149 matches in the regular season, he recorded 645 wins, 19 draws and 485 losses, with a win rate of 50.7%. In the postseason, from the wild card match to the Korean Series, he recorded 36 wins and 24 losses and a win rate of 60% in a total of 60 games. In particular, they recorded 11 wins and 4 losses in a total of 4 playoffs, and all of them advanced to the Korean Series. He has plenty of regular season and postseason experience.

Who will be the new coach Lotte will bring in for the first championship in 32 years? Is it commentator Kim that everyone is paying attention to? Or is it another career manager? Or is it a new character? Since Lotte has a lot of fans, there is no choice but to be curious about the new manager.


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