‘We’re in first place’ Busan knocks on promotion door once again

Busan I-Park has changed. Busan, which was once at the bottom of the K-League 2, is raising hopes for promotion next year.

Busan, led by coach Park Jin-seop (46), 바카라사이트 won 2-0 in the 29th round of Hana One Q K League 2 2023 against Sangmu Kim Cheon held at Gudeok Stadium in Busan on the 29th. With this victory, Busan became the second team to reach 50 points in the K-League 2 this season. Busan consistently overpowered and poured 7 effective shots. Seong Ho-yeong in the first half and Lim Min-hyeok in the second half each scored a goal.

It was more meaningful because it was a win against leader Kimcheon. The military team, Kimcheon, maintained first place throughout July of this season. Kim Cheon has excellent individual skills as high-quality young players from each team were selected. The composition of the players is so good that Kim Cheon’s nickname in the K-League 2 is ‘Real Kim Cheon (a compound word of Real Madrid and Kim Cheon)’.

Busan made 50 points (14 wins, 8 draws, 5 losses) by defeating such Gimcheon, and pursued the 1st place Kimcheon (16 wins, 3 draws, 8 losses, 51 points) to the bottom of the chin. The difference between the two teams is only 1 point. There are still 9 games left, but Busan has risen to the top spot after overcoming a fierce mid-table battle. An opportunity has come to wash away the pain of being relegated to the bottom in the 2020 K League 1.

Compared to last year, the reversal in Busan is more prominent. In the 2022 season, Busan stayed at the bottom, 11th, and barely finished the season in 10th. As the team was driven to the brink of being in last place, former coach Ricardo Perez (Portugal) was sacked due to poor performance.

Director Park Jin-seop was a firefighter. Coach Park, who played in Busan as a player, returned to Busan after seven years as a head coach in 2015. Busan, led by manager Park Jin-seop, succeeded in escaping from the bottom, and this year is showing a more solid appearance. In particular, 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in the last 7 matches. During this period, the offense and defense balance is also excellent with 10 points and 4 goals conceded.

The secret is to reinforce players and defend. First of all, in the summer transfer market alone, 8 players were reinforced and the player base was thickened. Not only veterans such as Yeoreum and Min Sang-gi, but also young blood such as Park Dong-jin and Kang Sang-yoon were transfused. It is not a team that depends on just one person. Lamars is recording 12 attack points with 7 goals and 5 assists, but players in all positions are playing well and leading the team to victory. The salty water defense allowed only 0.85 points per game (23 points in 27 games, as of the 29th).

Coach Park Jin-seop has a memory of leading Gwangju FC in the past and leading the promotion by winning the K-League 2 championship in 2018. The K-League 2 winning team goes to the K-League 1 next season. The 2nd place goes directly to the promotion playoffs, and the 3rd to 5th places get a chance to challenge the promotion playoffs. If it is the current trend, it is not a dream for Busan to obtain a direct ticket to the K-League 1. Coach Park is once again challenging for K-League 1 promotion in Busan. 


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