‘Hottest K-Leader’ Lee Jung-hyo, “I’ll be ignored, but I still have ‘big dreams’ as a leader”

Coach Lee is “The hottest K-League 1.I think everyone forgot, the club, led by coach Lee is actually “Seung Team”.He led the team to the team and climb the K League 1st place.Nobody knows what happens during the remaining period.Kwangju is the best part of nine games, and the game force is the best.And the season is still stacked.카지노

The reason why Lee is not simply because of the result is not simply a result.The foot of his walking on the way he walked.So, the process of “The process” drew attention of three.To summarize the process, it’s “the-art” and “Harry Potter”.The bold painter in front of the strategy that shows the net network and media in front of the media.In Korea soccer Shin, it was “The character” in Korea.

I talked about soccer and life with the theme of soccer and life.Some released a video on YouTube channel “Harry Potter soccer company.”I recorded a story more than here.Some pictures of articles of articles, Lee Jung Hyo-min, Lee Jung-hyo, Lee Jung Hyo-min, Lee Jung-hyo, Lee Jung Hyo-seok and Du Hyun-seok interview B cuts.

Two Hyun-seok, director Lee Jeong Hyo-min

b11: How do you usually spend time?I wonder the routine that lives.

“I went to Changnyeong High School in Changnyeong High School, I watched Kumho High School.I’m going to Taebaek and check the players at the University of Korea University.(Are you resting?] I went to Changnyeong, I went to Changnyeong to Changnyeong.But it was complicated because my hair complex, it was complicated in Thailand.It was healing

“When I was preparing for the game, when you’re preparing a game, I’m going to prepare for Sunday.This is the most comfortable night when the game is the most comfortable night.Good night.The game party is comfortable.Let’s take two hours of games.It’s easy to sleep every day.And then I’m immersed in our team from Tuesday to our team.On Tuesday, we will analyze the opponent team analysis and Wednesday.Starting Wednesday, we start- tactics.Let’s take this video.Then, make a meeting video to modify the meeting video, and create a meeting video again.I trained on Thursday, I didn’t like Thursday.At the time of Friday, we analyze and improve the game and prepare for the game.”

b11: No matter how much you wear.

“I listened to it this year.Sang Yoon said, “I’s comment.I think that’s like that.But when I’m going home, it’s not that’s why I’m going home.”

b11: Can you talk to your family?

“My daughter went to college, my son went to college.My son is a college student, and go to school.I’m doing Korean dance.I think my daughter will start buying.I wanted to buy it suddenlyOur house is not interested in soccer.So comfortable.Did you win? I won’t say this.I was sad at first, but I don’t know it’s comfortable.If you go home, you can fall at home.I followed me a lot since my daughter was young.The code is right, too.If you talk about this, the other father was so jealous.My daughter is 175cm tall.So I’m so burdensome, but I keep it stuck.But it’s really good.It’s right

b11: I feel pretty.Is there a Gwangju player to allow me when my daughter married?

“There’s a person. (Are you so serious?) I’m just one.If you look at living, I’m sure to live.And sincere.I like HYEON is really good.It’s good future.I think I’ll make a lot of money.Isn’t it at least 100 million won?I think I’m going to do it.”

b11: hometown is located in Gwangju, Busan, and director in Gwangju and director.The city with the best memory?

“It’s Busan”.I started a player in Busan.There are all difficulties and married.Children were born in Busan, and finished living in Busan.It’s Busan.Kwangju is far away to like me.It’s over 13 years since it was founded, but there is no environment yet.”

b11: What did you do if you didn’t play soccer?

“I’ve never thought that I was in college.”If you study with passionate about this much passion, I thought you should not go to Harvard?” I thought to do it.I think I’m tired when I government officials are not flexible.For example, I didn’t like when juniors are against me.I have to go straight to the side, but I tried to catch it.But I liked it so flexible while soccer.The personality is different.””

b11: I wonder how the body manages.

“If you wake up in the morning, I started learning machine.Wake up with the alarm at 6 o’clock.I play 65 minutes.5 minutes are automatically cool down.Let’s play a wide angle on TV.Then, I’m going to go soon.I saw “HYUN, why I’m angry”.If you do this, take about 20 minutes, shower, shower, shower and wrap it up.I have advised the doctor to lose weight when I went to the hospital.Since then, it’s a diet to adjust the body of 365 days.I think it’s a lot of weight.So I don’t eat well.smoking didn’t usually do it.””

b11: Why are you wearing a garden at the stadium?


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