Barça-Milan target Son Heung-min…would he be happy in a backup role for Maddison?

Giovanni Lo Celso, who is eating a pot of rice with Son Heung-min and Tottenham Hotspur, has been embroiled in rumors of a transfer again.

Spanish media “Pichahes” reported on the 12th (Korea Standard Time) that “AC Milan evaluates Lo Celso as one of the interesting options for strengthening its power.”

Ro Celso left Tottenham last year on loan and joined Villa Real. He had no choice but to leave on loan as if he were kicked out because of his sluggishness and injuries in Tottenham.

The transfer on loan was a turning point. Lo Celso gradually regained his form as he was guaranteed time to play. He also set the stage for his revival with two goals and three assists in 29 games in all competitions last season.스포츠토토

Interest in the resurrected Rossellso was hot. Famous clubs such as Barcelona and Napoli have shown interest in recruiting Lo Celso. In particular, Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez is known to have strongly insisted on recruiting Lo Celso.

The transfer was not made. Ro Celso’s choice was Tottenham. He wanted to stay at Tottenham and compete for the starting position. Tottenham manager Enje Postecoglou also wanted him to stay.

The playing time was not guaranteed. Lo Celso has only played 16 minutes in just one game this season, when the league has played until the fourth round. It was hard to get a chance to play due to James Madison, who is active.

In the end, rumors of a transfer surfaced again. According to the report, Milan, which wants to strengthen its midfield, has been steadily observing Lo Celso.

There is a good chance that the transfer will be made. The media said, “Rosselso’s contract with Tottenham expires in 2025. “Tottenham will allow Ro Celso to move if the offer is 20 million euros (about 28.4 billion won).”


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