‘Futures League appearance’ Moon Dong-joo…Choi Won-ho “15 days, 3 innings, -50 pitches”

After completing the 2023 regular season, Moon Dong-ju (20) pitched in a Futures League game to get in shape for the Hangzhou Asian Games (AG).소닉카지노

Moon started the game against the LG Twins Future Team at Seosan Stadium on Wednesday and threw two scoreless innings with two hits and four strikeouts. He threw a total of 29 pitches. His fastball was clocked at 152 km/h, and he threw a slider, curveball, and changeup.

Second-year right-handed fireballer Moon Dong-ju was a regular in the starting rotation this season, going 8-8 with a 3.72 ERA in 23 appearances. With only 28 and two-thirds innings pitched in the first team in 2022, the club imposed a 120-inning limit to manage his arm. Moon finished his first-team appearances this season after the LG game on March 3.

The move was made in anticipation of his appearance in Hangzhou AG. Moon was named to the team’s rebuilding squad. Until the day of the national team call-up (22nd), he gradually improved like a team pitcher preparing for the postseason (PS). On the 12th, he pitched in the Futures League.

Speaking to Choi Won-ho before the game against Doosan in Jamsil on the 12th, Choi said, “Moon Dong-ju started playing catch after resting since his last appearance (LG Electronics on the 3rd), and he has thrown 20 bullpen pitches in the last 10 days. He threw two innings today and will throw three more innings on Friday (15), about 40 to 50 pitches. After three days of rest, I will join the national team.”

Moon is expected to throw in a practice game immediately after joining the national team. The club wants to protect his arm while still allowing him to fulfill his national team schedule.


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