‘Son’s teammate’ Tottenham winger becomes EPL’s most prolific distance runner

Tottenham’s Dejan Kulusevsky (23) has been selected as the player who has played the most distances in the English Premier League (EPL) so far.바카라사이트

Tottenham said on the club’s official website on the 14th (Korea Standard Time), “Dejan Kulusevsky is always playing hard in Lily White color. Official Premier League statistics prove this,” he said.

“This season, Dejan played a total of 47.07km in the English Premier League in a Tottenham uniform, which is the record for playing the most distance among all players in the league,” he said.

At the beginning of the season, Tottenham is on the rise. It drew with Brentford in the opening game, but has since won three consecutive games, beating Manchester United, Bournemouth and Burnley one after another. He has been undefeated and is currently in second place in the league with three wins and one draw.

The biggest factor in Tottenham’s rise is its strong offense. Tottenham is currently the only double-digit scoring team in the league along with Brighton and Manchester City, scoring 11 goals in four games. In the match against Burnley on the 2nd, Son Heung-min (31) scored five goals, including a hat trick.

One of the players leading Tottenham’s powerful offense is Kulu Sebski. Kulusevsky started all four EPL games this season and has one goal.

Of course, he is not showing the best performance in terms of performance. Although he is a typical dribbler-type player, he is pointed out for pulling a lot of balls, and this season, he is also seen as such, and he is also receiving disappointing reviews.

However, Kulusevsky is more diligent than anyone else in the team and contributes. It also has the most activity in the league as a whole, and recorded 13km in the last match against Bournemouth, setting a record for the most in a game this season. He also scored the first goal against Bournemouth.


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