The best talent Man Utd have strangely dumped…blowing up on loan, topping shirt sales history

Mason Greenwood, who left Manchester United, is steadily continuing his career at Getafe again.

It was last month that Manchester United announced its breakup with Greenwood. Manchester United said on the club’s website, “We have completed an internal investigation into Greenwood. The internal investigation process began in February 2023, when all charges were dropped. Therefore, we had to proceed with caution to obtain undisclosed evidence, including those with clear knowledge of the case,” he said, referring to the process of announcing the results of the Greenwood-related internal investigation.

“Based on the evidence we can obtain, the data posted online does not explain the whole situation and concluded that Greenwood did not commit the crime he was charged with,” he said, adding that he internally confirmed that Greenwood was not guilty.

But Manchester United said, “Greenwood has made mistakes and takes responsibility, as he has publicly admitted. Everyone involved, including Greenwood, admits he is no longer in trouble to restart his career at United. Therefore, Greenwood reached a mutual agreement that it would be most appropriate for him to leave Manchester United. Now, Manchester United will work with Greenwood to achieve the results of an internal investigation, he said, announcing that he will release Greenwood.

Most of the respondents were embarrassed by Manchester United’s announcement. This is because he was not convicted and decided to let Greenwood go even though he judged internally that he had not committed a crime. It was later revealed that United had originally planned to bring Greenwood back into the team. This is because the investigation revealed that Greenwood was not guilty.

At the time, Britain’s The Athletic said, “CEO Arnold met with the team’s management in the first week of August to talk about Greenwood’s plan to return. Since then, however, the club has faced strong criticism both inside and outside. We held a meeting again last Friday, and at this point we decided not to return Greenwood to the first team,” he reported.카지노사이트

Coach Eric Ten Haach is also known to have delivered support for his return to Greenwood, but the club suddenly changed its decision to part ways with Greenwood because of concerns over damage to its image. Greenwood was one of the best talents in the Premier League (PL) beyond Manchester United, but was forced to start his career with a new team.

Greenwood left for Spain’s La Liga Getafe on loan. Jose Bordalas Hetepa said of his return to Greenwood, “It’s too sensitive to trivialize this issue. Everyone knows that the authorities involved did what was supposed to be done and it ended in acquittal. Therefore, he is free,” he said, claiming that Greenwood has no problem continuing his career.

The same goes for the people of Getafe. Britain’s Daily Mail said on the 15th (Korea Standard Time), “For a week, Getafe sold more Greenwood uniforms than any other player in the club’s history. Outside Getafe, there appears to be little opposition and there is little chance of any protest occurring. As for Getafe and their fans, Greenwood is a player with no problems because he has not been convicted,” he said, explaining that Greenwood has full support.

Manchester United, which did not return Greenwood, is on alert due to Antony’s alleged assault and Jaden Sancho’s protest. The immediate performance would be a problem, but if Greenwood was there, the concern for the club would have been less than it is now.


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