‘As one team’ Chungnam Asan FC rewards fan support with win over Anyang!

After a two-week break, Chungnam Asan is back in the hunt for points.

Chungnam Asan Professional Football Club (owner Park Kyung-gui, hereinafter referred to as Chungnam Asan) will host FC Anyang (hereinafter referred to as Anyang) in the 31st round of the Hana Hour Q K League 2 2023 at 4 p.m. on Sunday, July 17 at Yi Sun-sin Sports Complex. Chungnam Asan will be looking to turn things around in this round after a break from the A-Match.

Chungnam Asan are winless in their last three league matches. Currently sitting in 11th place with eight wins, six draws, and 13 losses, they are in desperate need of both a win and a point. Not only do they need to give their fans something to cheer about with their first home game in almost three weeks, but with the regular season coming to a close, they need to pick up three points to secure a playoff spot.

Their first opponent after the break is Anyang. Ranked sixth in the table with 12 wins, six draws, and nine losses, Anyang has lost both meetings this season. Chungnam Asan also has the edge in the head-to-head record, with one win, four draws, and eight losses. However, they are evenly matched in most offensive metrics, including ball possession, shots, and shots on target. With their unwavering spirit and the decisiveness of their offense, they should be able to win.안전놀이터

Before the game against Anyang, Park Dong-hyuk said, “It’s true that we are weaker than Anyang. However, we have made up for our deficiencies over the past two weeks. Above all, we can face Anyang with the support of our home fans. I would be grateful if you could come to the stadium and give us a lot of support so that our players can gain strength.”

Meanwhile, Chungnam Asan has prepared an abundance of home game events to welcome fans after a long time. Before the game, there will be an air bounce and putting game zone where fans can win prizes from various sponsors, as well as an interactive event zone with face painting and fan signing sessions.

Inside the stadium, the action continues. There will be an on-field quiz on the scoreboard during the first half, and fans who cheer loudly during set pieces will receive a voucher for Kimbrough’s Pizza. In addition, a victory photo session with the cheerleaders will be held in the Art Valley Zone.

To find out if Chungnam Asan can sacrifice Anyang and rebound, tune in live on IB SPORTS and Coupang Play on Sunday, July 17 at 4pm.


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