“Napoli’s defense is weak without Kim Min-jae.”

Francesco Marolda says Napoli’s defense has been weakened since Kim Min-jae left the club.

Kim Min-jae was a key part of Napoli’s defense last season. Despite only being in his first year with the club, Kim was able to secure a spot in the starting defense shortly after joining Napoli and was consistent throughout the season. With the stability in the defense, Napoli was able to play the attacking game that former coach Luciano Spalletti intended. This led Napoli to their first Italian Serie A title in 33 years. For his efforts, Kim was named Serie A’s best defender and best eleven of the season.바카라사이트

He then left for Bayern Munich in the summer transfer window. The Bavarians, who were looking to bolster their defense, had watched Kim’s performances and approached him when the summer transfer window opened. The Bavarians were serious. Head coach Thomas Tuchel even made a video call to Kim, who was undergoing basic military training at the time, to convince him to join the club. Kim ultimately chose to join the Bavarians and is now anchoring their defense.

Napoli, on the other hand, lost a key center back within a year. The transfer fee remained, but it wasn’t enough to fill the void left by Kim. Napoli brought in Natang for the future and installed João Jesus next to Amir Rahmani, who was Kim’s partner.

However, Jesus has not been able to perform at the same level as Kim Min-jae. Jessus was the backup to Kim Min-jae last season. It was no surprise that he didn’t perform as well as Kim Min-jae. As soon as the defense changed, Napoli started to falter. Napoli have won two and lost one of their first three games of the season, but have been criticized for their shaky defense. The last game against Lazio (1-2) was particularly painful.

As Napoli faltered, even Marolda, who was not a fan of Kim Min-jae, admitted that Kim’s absence was a big one. Italian news outlet ‘Area Napoli’ reported that Marolda appeared on ‘Giochiamo d’Anticipo’ on ‘Televomero’ and said, “Napoli is changing, and this is a mistake. Napoli is essentially the same team, but they are weaker without Kim Min-jae in defense,” she said.

Marolda is an Italian journalist who gave Kim Min-jae a bad rap throughout the last season when he played for Napoli, regardless of his performance. However, Kim’s absence has forced even Marolda to recognize him.


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