If there was Lee Jeong-hu… ‘The Empty Ball’ Ryu Joong-il-ho, the name that will pierce my bones, I am so resentful of July 22nd.

After broadcasting the Korea-Taiwan match in Group B of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games on the 2nd (hereinafter Korean time), TV Chosun commentator Yang Jun-hyuk said through his YouTube channel ‘Yangshin Yang Jun-hyuk’, “Taiwan is about half the number advantage over us.” did. This is said to be the case when taking into account the pitchers who can easily throw 150 km and the Taiwanese hitters responding to Moon Dong-joo’s fastballs.스포츠토토

‘2023 Professional Baseball’ LG-Kiwoom held at Gocheo Sky Dome in Seoul on June 8, 2023. Lee Jeong-hoo/My Daily

Crucially, Korea is not at 100% power. They are the weakest team in recent Asian Games. He set an age limit of under 25, and wild cards were also selected in their 20s. And he was not called up more than three times from 10 clubs. Because he was concerned about the non-stop KBO league, he was unable to recruit the best members.

There were even players (Kiwoom Lee Jeong-hoo, NC Koo Chang-mo) who had to be replaced due to injuries. And Taiwan gathered minor leaguers to build a record-breaking team. Nevertheless, the national team led by coach Ryu Joong-il aims for the gold medal. For one reason or another, the level of difficulty in winning the gold medal is expected to be the highest among all Asian Games.

Commissioner Yang Jun-hyuk personally watched the practice match against the national team’s Sangmu in Gocheok. Yang Shin said to Yang Jun-hyuk, “The batters were not in good condition. “From then on, I was very worried.” The trend continued from the Hong Kong game to the Taiwan game. When some fans said that managing one’s physical condition is a skill during the middle of the season, Commissioner Yang Jun-hyuk could not refute it.

Commissioner Yang Jun-hyuk presented several solutions through Yangshin Yang Jun-hyuk. If we face Taiwan again in the finals, I think Lin Yu-min will come up again. At the same time, he pointed out that the national team’s left-handed hitters should stay outside toward the batter’s box line and put pressure on them to use their body. He asked the player to hit the ball coming toward his body and focus on attacking the outside. Since the mainstay of the national team’s batting lineup is left-handed hitters, it was thought that it would be difficult to exclude left-handed hitters.

In addition, it is conceivable to change the batting order of Dong-hee Yoon, who is in good condition, and lower the batting order of Kang Baek-ho, but I do not think there is a player on the bench who can play the role of a so-called ‘game changer’. There were many left-handed hitters and left-handed hitters, and he also expressed his disappointment at not being able to select a player with one hitter.

I can’t help but think of Lee Jeong-hoo (Kiwoom). Lee Jeong-hoo ended his season due to an ankle extensor injury against Lotte in Busan on July 22. The pain of that day was not only Kiwoom’s pain, but also Ryu Joong-il-ho’s pain. I can’t help but wonder if only Lee Jeong-hoo was in the current national team lineup.

Of course, even with Lee Jeong-hoo, victory against Taiwan was not guaranteed. Taiwan was that strong and Korea did not have the best lineup. However, we were able to look forward to one hit and thereby create room for a change in the flow of the game. It’s a pointless assumption, but it’s true that the national team’s offensive ability is frustrating and unfortunate. It will happen again against Thailand on the 3rd, but will it happen against China and Japan on the 5th and 6th? I can’t guarantee.


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