‘Ryu Hyun-jin breaking up like this?’ Toronto, which believed in its ace, is in danger of being eliminated from the WC… MIN, PS escape 18 consecutive losses

The Toronto Blue Jays were caught by the ace they trusted.

Toronto lost 1-3 in the first game of the American League wild card decision against the Minnesota Twins of the 2023 Major League Baseball held at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA on the 4th (Korean time). Toronto, which suffered its first loss in the series, will have to end the season if it loses the second game on the 5th to Minnesota. Minnesota escaped its 18-game losing streak in the playoffs.스포츠토토

Toronto: George Springer (right fielder) – Brandon Belt (designated hitter) – Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (first baseman) – Bo Bichette (shortstop) – Cavan Biggio (second baseman) – Alejandro Kirk (catcher) – Kevin Kiermaier (center fielder) – The starting lineup consisted of Matt Chapman (third baseman) and Dalton Basho (left fielder). The starting pitcher was Kevin Gausman.

Minnesota has Eduard Julien (second baseman) – Jorge Polanco (third baseman) – Royce Lewis (designated hitter) – Max Kepler (right fielder) – Alex Kirillov (first baseman) – Carlos Correa (shortstop) – Ryan Jeffers (catcher) – Matt Wallner (left fielder) and Michael A Taylor (center fielder) started. The starting pitcher was Pablo Lopez.

Ryu Hyun-jin is not on the 26-man wild card roster.

Ryu Hyun-jin was not included in the 26-man wild card roster announced by Toronto ahead of the game. Toronto selected 12 pitchers and included only four starting pitchers: Chris Bassett, Jose Berrios, Kevin Gausman, and Yusei Kikuchi. The remaining eight positions were all filled with bullpen pitchers, and Kikuchi is scheduled to be used as a bullpen pitcher.

American and Canadian media reported in unison, “There was no surprising decision. The only major player missing from the 26-man roster was Ryu Hyun-jin.”

Canadian media ‘Yahoo Sports Canada’ said, ‘Ryu Hyun-jin did not have a clear mission to take on in the three-game series (wild card series). There was no room for him to become a starting pitcher, and there were already a lot of left-handed options in the bullpen, so there was a limit to the ability of a soft-throwing left-handed pitcher to enter the bullpen.’

MLB.com, the major league website, said, ‘The only major player missing from the regular season roster is Ryu Hyun-jin. But it was expected in a three-game series. Hyun-Jin Ryu looks like several depth options to accompany his team. He expected that he would be prepared in case a replacement player is needed due to injury or other reasons.

Ryu Hyun-jin can only expect to pitch again in the fall once Toronto advances to the American League Division Series. Before the game, Toronto coach John Schneider was asked by American Hyun Jin reporters, “Are you thinking about how to use the 5th starter (Ryu Hyun-jin) in the postseason?” He answered, “We don’t need 5 players, but we are preparing for Ryu Hyun-jin to pitch when we advance to the next series.” Hopefully, the veteran (Hyun-Jin Ryu) will understand what we’re in, how we’re going to face this team (Minnesota), and how we want him to continue to be ready to pitch. “I hope we can still play in a few days, and I hope Ryu Hyun-jin comes back and helps us then.”

Ace Gausman, who only prepared for the first game, collapsed.

From the moment the possibility of the postseason became more likely, Toronto selected Gausman as the starting pitcher for the first game of the wild card decision. Gausman skipped the last appearance of the regular season and adjusted his condition to appear in the first game.

However, Gausman did not live up to expectations. He allowed only 3 hits (2 home runs), 3 walks, and 3 runs over 73 pitches in 4 innings. He pitched mainly big balls (34) and splitters (31), while throwing a mix of sweepers (4) and sliders (4), and did not overwhelm the Minnesota batting line at all. The highest speed of his fastball reached 97.5 miles (about 156.9 km).

He hit a home run right from the start. Gausman brought on a crisis by walking leadoff hitter Julien in the bottom of the first inning. He successfully set up Polanco, the second batter, with a fly ball to shortstop, but was hit by a left-handed two-run shot by Lewis with one out and one on first base. Lewis, in his second year in the big leagues, was a slugging hitter who hit 15 home runs this season and did it in his postseason debut. Gausman threw a 97.4 mph fastball toward his body at full count, and it ended up being a long hit, making it 0-2.

In the bottom of the third inning, the team lost another run with a home run. It was Lewis again. Gausman continued to play a cautious game by throwing breaking balls to Lewis, who was the leadoff hitter. With the ball count at 3-1, he threw the 5th pitch, a 93.5 mph fastball, into the middle of the strike zone. Lewis connected this ball with a solo shot by Woo Jung-wol, bringing the score to 0-3.

Toronto’s batting line was blocked by Lopes, and only scored one run.

Toronto’s batting line was blocked by Minnesota starting pitcher Lopes and had a hard time. Lopez pitched well in 5⅔ innings, allowing 1 run on 93 pitches, 5 hits, 2 walks, and 3 strikeouts. Lopez earned his first career postseason win.

Toronto, which was quiet, only scored one run in the top of the sixth inning. After one out, Bichette opened the scoring with a heavy hit. With 1 out and runners on first base, I thought another scoring opportunity would be lost when Biggio hit a fly ball to shortstop, but Kirk got a walk and led to 1st and 2nd bases with 2 outs. Kiermaier then hit a timely hit to the left to make it 1-3.

Minnesota moved quickly as soon as Lopez conceded the goal. The mound was replaced by Louis Balland, and Chapman hit a ball that extended in front of the center wall in the ensuing opportunity with 2 outs and runners on first and second base. If it had gone over, it would have been a golden opportunity to turn it around to 4-3, but right before it went over the fence, it was sucked into Minnesota center fielder Taylor’s glove. It was a scene that stood out as Taylor jumped in front of the fence, and Chapman had no choice but to swallow his regret.

Toronto once again had a golden opportunity in the top of the 8th inning. Minnesota had Griffin Jacks on the mound. As leadoff hitter Guerrero Jr. opened the scoring with a double, closing pitcher Yohan Duran began to warm up in the Minnesota bullpen.

Toronto should have pushed Jacks harder here and pulled Duran out early, but Bichette struck out with a missed swing and Biggio retired with a looking strikeout, which only further increased Minnesota’s momentum. Then, when Kirk retired with a grounder to first base, Jax, who had escaped the crisis, roared, and the Minnesota home fans also went crazy. In fact, it was the moment when Minnesota’s victory was confirmed.

As soon as Minnesota closer Duran took the mound in the top of the 9th inning, he put Kiermaier and Chapman in the picture and showed off his outstanding pitching ability. Toronto tried to keep the last spark alive when Merrifield walked with two outs. However, the game ended when Springer hit a grounder to first base.

In the first game of the wild card game between Texas and Tampa Bay, Texas smiled.

In the first game of the American League wild card game between the Texas Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays, Texas smiled by winning 4-0. Texas starting pitcher Jordan Montgomery succeeded in taking the lead by throwing a perfect pitch in 7 innings, allowing 6 hits, 0 walks, 4 walks, 5 strikeouts, and no runs.

In the batting lineup, Corey Seager’s performance stood out. Seager went 4-for-4 with 2 hits, 1 walk, 1 strikeout, and 1 RBI. Seager scored a timely hit with 2 RBIs in the top of the 6th inning with 1st and 2nd bases out and no outs, leading 2-0, putting a wedge in the victory.

Texas is now one win away from advancing to the American League Division Series. If Toronto fails to counterattack Minnesota in the second game, there is a high possibility that Texas and Minnesota, who currently share one win each, will advance to the American League Division Series.


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