‘Elementary school friend → national college roommate → AG winner’ The special relationship between the ‘03s’ who led the gold medal team “This is the victory we created!”

“I think it will be a very happy memory. The synergy was really great. It was just boiling over.”

Most of the players still kept repeating, ‘It feels like a dream.’

I literally received the gold medal that I had only dreamed of. The Korean baseball team, led by coach Ryu Joong-il, defeated Chinese Taipei in the finals of the Hangzhou Asian Games on the 7th and climbed to the top of the podium.

There was fatigue in the eyes of the players preparing to return home at Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport on the 8th. He said that he was tired from playing 6 games in a week, that the game ended late the previous day, and that he had trouble sleeping due to his heart pounding.

Unlike the coaching staff, which has become unstable, the players are still in the season. They said they shared their joy with a small party appropriate for the late hour rather than a loud after-party.

Among them, the inner thoughts of the four people born in 2003 were even more special. Dong-ju Moon, Ji-min Choi, Young-hyun Park, and Dong-hee Yoon showed the best performance in their respective fields and led the national team to victory.

The spotlight fell on Moon Dong-ju, who showed off a monster pitch of 7K in 6 innings in the finals, but other ’03s also received considerable attention.

Moon Dong-ju, Choi Ji-min, and Park Young-hyun all participated in the 2021 WBSC (World Baseball Softball Confederation) U-18 Baseball World Cup national team, which was canceled due to the aftermath of the coronavirus.굿모닝토토

His aggressive pitching was outstanding enough to produce three strikeouts in succession. Park Young-hyun, whom we met at the airport, answered humbly, saying, “I wasn’t aiming, but I had a lot of confidence. It was just a good ball that went into a good course.” At the same time, he added confidence, saying, “Actually, I had no idea that we would grow this much in just one year.”

Regarding his future, he said, “If I throw the first ball wrong, the whole team… the pressure was tremendous. I want to continue to play for the national team in the future.” “I also think I might become a pitcher,” he added.

Park Young-hyun laughed and said, “I have been best friends with Yoon Dong-hee since childhood.”

She said, “We have a very special relationship. We’ve known each other since elementary school, and he was a friend that I depended on. But then, I became a national teammate, became roommates, and won a gold medal with Donghee. I’m happy.”

Park Young-hyun smiled and said, “(Moon) Dong-ju and (Choi) Ji-min, can we at least win the championship created by Gong Samz?” and added, “We all had a strong desire to contribute to the team. That created a synergy effect for each other.”

Donghee Yoon was interviewed at the airport. Reporter Kim Young-rok
Dong-hee Yoon also laughed, saying, “I felt that there were many friends born in 2003 who were good at baseball. I am very proud that I am one of them.”

When asked, ‘How was it like throwing Moon Dong-ju?’ he responded with an enthusiastic response, “It was amazing!” Moon Dong-ju, who was standing right next to him, chimed in, saying, “You can speak louder. Please borrow the airport loudspeaker.”


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