‘Who are you?’ Kane, top scorer, red light! Jung Woo-young’s teammate has a crazy goal sense → before we know it, we’re down by 5 goals

Harry Kane (30), a goal scorer for Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga, is performing well even after his transfer. He appeared in 7 league matches and scored 8 goals. He averages more than 1 point per game and is demonstrating his unrivaled sense of goal. However, a red light was turned on for the possibility of being the top scorer. This is because of the ‘monster striker’ who is on an even more surprising scoring streak.

Kane moved from Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League to Bayern Munich this summer. After opening the season, he started scoring right away. He appeared in seven Bundesliga matches and scored in five of them. He marked one hat trick, one multi-goal game, and three one-goal games.

He scored eight points in 602 minutes of playing time, averaging one goal every 75.9 minutes. He is demonstrating the world-class scoring ability he showed for Tottenham and the England national team. However, despite his amazing performance, he is currently ranked second in scoring in the German Bundesliga. It is also 5 goals behind first place. He was pushed out by Seru Girassi of VfL Stuttgart, who is currently in first place.레고토토

Girashi, who shares a close relationship with Jung Woo-young in Stuttgart, played seven league games this season, like Kane. He already has 13 goals and 1 assist. He scored in all but one match through the 7th round. He scored two hat tricks and had three two-goal games. He played 613 minutes and produced 13 points. He catches a goal approximately every 47.2 minutes. He is responsible for more than half of Stuttgart’s 22 points and is continuing his monstrous performance. 

Stuttgart, backed by Girashi’s amazing goal streak, rose to second place in the league. They were in the top place with a season record of 6 wins, 1 loss, and 18 points. Bayern Munich (17 points), with 5 wins, 2 draws, and an undefeated streak, was pushed to 3rd place. They are chasing Bayern Leverkusen, who leads with 6 wins, 1 draw, and 19 points. Borussia Dortmund (17 points) was added to form the ‘Big 4’, drawing a blueprint for the championship fight.

The German Bundesliga includes 18 teams. Each team plays 34 league games per season. There are still 27 games left. Of course, 5 goals is a gap that can be overturned. Indeed, attention is being paid to whether Kane can continue to score hotly and chase down Girashi. 


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