As expected, he showed the power of the ‘strong 2nd’… KCC has a rebound, SK has Oh Se-geun to adapt.

Busan KCC and Seoul SK, considered two of the best KBL teams in the upcoming new season, showed off their status as contenders for the championship. However, KCC’s challenges remain with rebounding and defense, while SK’s challenges remain with the adaptation of Oh Se-geun, an ambitious recruit.

KCC’s attack, which had a national team lineup, was flashy and accurate. KCC won 98-78 in the first game against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation in Group B of the KBL Cup held at Wolmyeong Gymnasium in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do on the 9th. Choi Jun-yong, who moved from SK, made a great performance with a team-high 26 points and 10 rebounds. He teamed up with Laguna and Seunghyun Lee, who played together on the national team, in a familiar 2-on-2 attack, and dominated the game with no-look passes in fast breaks and accurate field goals with a success rate of 69% in deep breaks.

New foreign player Alize Johnson scored 18 points in the first quarter alone by hitting 6 field goals in a row at the beginning of the game, and Lee Ho-hyun, another transfer student, also perfectly performed his duties as field commander with 10 points and 6 assists. Ace Heo Woong, who missed all five 3-point shots, scored 12 points with a penetration-focused attack.

At the same time, weaknesses were also exposed. In the rebound battle, they lost 32-45, and as many as 21 offensive rebounds were taken away due to poor box-out during defense. KCC, which struggled at height last season, ranked 8th in the league in team rebounds (36).

Defense was also a problem. KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin called a timeout in the middle of the third quarter and reprimanded Johnson for not actively defending his opponent, Anthony Moss. After the game, coach Jeon said, “I put my hands and feet together for the first time, but it’s still creaky. “It’s a game that reveals a lot of strengths and problems,” he said. “What we need is defense and rebounding.” “The players should feel it as they prepare for the season,” he said.메이저사이트

SK also defeated Seoul Samsung 91-87 in the Group C preliminary round on the 8th. Jamil Warney, who bombarded the opponent’s goal with brilliant individual skills and accurate hook shots, displayed his versatile skills with 33 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 assists. Captain Heo Il-young, who showed off his high-sensitivity shooting ability by shooting over 80%, also provided support with 23 points and 5 rebounds, including 4 3-point shots.

However, the silence of ‘Championship MVP’ Oh Se-geun was disappointing. Oh Se-geun, who started as a starter and played 11 minutes and 34 seconds, missed all three 2-point shots, and only one of the four 3-point shots he threw fell inside the rim. After being unable to join the Asian Games team due to an Achilles tendon injury, he appears to be concentrating on regaining his sense of practice.

The return of national team member Kim Sun-hyung, who collaborated on the 52-game winning streak during his time at Chung-Ang University, is expected to be a great help in Oh Se-geun’s adaptation. SK coach Jeon Hee-cheol said, “Oh Se-geun couldn’t even play a practice game due to an injury. He added, “I’m glad that there was one 3-point shot in the third quarter that day,” and added, “It will get better when Kim Seon-hyung, who has improved his stamina, returns.”


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