Lee Min-ho’s elbow surgery, Ham Deok-joo’s bullpen pitching… Yeom Gal-ryang “Kim Beom-seok is worried about KS entry”

LG’s new pitcher Lee Min-ho ended up on the operating table.

Lee Min-ho, who suffered from injuries this season, underwent surgery to remove an osteophyte in his right elbow on the 9th. He undergoes one more surgery. He is scheduled to undergo elbow medial collateral ligament reconstruction (Tommy John surgery) on the 25th.

Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop said before the game against Lotte at Jamsil Stadium on the 10th, “Lee Min-ho is going to the military after the season. He decided to undergo surgery while he is in the military.” Lee Min-ho recorded 12 wins, 8 losses, and an ERA of 5.51 last year, but was unable to appear in many games this season due to injuries and poor performance.메이저사이트

After his first appearance of the season, he left with a right forearm flexor injury, and returned to the first team in late May, appearing in 5 games, losing 2 and posting an ERA of 5.03.

On this day, Ham Deok-ju, who is rehabilitating from an elbow injury, performed bullpen pitching for the first time. Coach Yeom announced that he plans to have the main players participate in the remaining games as much as possible. The following is a Q&A.

-A large number of starting players are on the field today.

It’s the last 3 consecutive losses. Because I keep losing… . Since I need to find some final hitting feel, I will focus on the starting players for the remaining games as much as possible. Since the opposing team is NC and Doosan, where grades are at stake, you can’t use someone and not use someone. (I don’t want to be misunderstood) – There is

also a way to remove the starting players after starting for 5 innings.

Run until the end. Players who are really unwell and want to rest are allowed to rest. I promised that I would listen if I said it was difficult. Hong Chang-ki and Shin Min-jae are tired. Hong Chang-ki comes out as a pinch hitter.

-They say Lee Min-ho is having surgery.

He told me to take care of everything (injuries, surgeries) since he was going to the military. He also performs elbow ligament fusion surgery. He decided to get rid of his original injury and go to the military.

(Lee Min-ho underwent surgery to remove osteophytes of the right olecranon on the 10th. He underwent medial collateral ligament reconstruction on October 25th and will enlist as a public service member in mid-November.) -I heard that Ham Deok-ju did bullpen pitching today


I did it for the first time today. He tells me not to, but he doesn’t listen. He tells me to build my body slowly, but I keep practicing.

-How did you see Beomseok Kim yesterday?

He is a player we need to use next year. He is now contemplating whether to enter the Korean Series entry (the day before, he said there was no room for the Korean Series entry, but it changed within a day). If there are two catchers, there is a spot for Kim Beom-seok.

-What will be the starting rotation for the remaining three games?

Lee Ji-kang will appear in the NC match, and Kim Yun-sik and Lim Chan-gyu will appear in the Doosan match. (Lee Jeong-yong throws 1+1 in Kim Yun-sik’s starting game. This is to throw once to the middle)


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