SD’s top prospect’s debut is imminent → Another trade rumor, resolute Kim Ha-seong says, “I don’t care.”

The possibility of Kim Ha-seong being traded to the U.S. Major League Baseball’s San Diego Padres was also raised locally. This is a story that can be discussed well ahead of the free agency season. The player himself also responded that he would not pay much attention to it.메이저사이트

Ha-Seong Kim showed off his outstanding skills as San Diego’s new top hitter this season. Kim Ha-seong showed fantastic defensive ability as the starting shortstop last year, but this year, he moved to second base in the aftermath of Bogaerts’ recruitment, but showed the same Golden Glove-level defense.

It seems like he has become an indispensable player in San Diego, but the possibility of a trade is still being raised locally. ‘The Athletic’ excluded Kim Ha-seong from the list of must-keep tier 1 players. The reason is that the team’s top prospect, Jackson Merrill, is about to make his big league debut. San Diego has moved to move Bogaerts to third base and use Ha-seong Kim as shortstop next year, but in order to develop promising prospect Merrill, the shortstop position must be vacated. It may not be a bad choice for San Diego to use Kim Ha-seong, whose value has risen significantly ahead of the free agency season, as a trade card to strengthen his shortcomings. Ha-seong Kim enters the fourth season of his 4+1 year contract with San Diego. If the current trend continues, it seems unlikely that Ha-seong Kim will use the +1 option on his $8 million annual salary. He is expected to finish well next season and hit the free agent jackpot.

Ha-Seong Kim was also linked to trade rumors around this time last year. At the time, he received calls from clubs that were in urgent need of reinforcing the shortstop position, and the Boston Red Sox seemed to be the most active. However, his trade did not take place, and Kim Ha-seong increased his value in San Diego.

Ha-seong Kim, who returned to Korea on the 11th, responded resolutely when asked about a trade, saying, “Actually, a trade is something I don’t know what will happen. So I don’t worry too much. I think I should just prepare well.”


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