“I didn’t want to win while hurting players.” Will the 74-year-old coach who cherished Verlander retire like this?

The Houston Astros’ second consecutive World Series loss was thwarted. Houston manager Dusty Baker (74), who is respected as the oldest active manager in the major leagues and the best general manager, also hinted at his retirement. Coach Noh, who cared for his players until the very end, fully deserved respect.

Houston, led by Coach Baker, lost 4-11 to the Texas Rangers in the final 7th game of the American League Championship Series (ALCS) held on the 24th (Korean time). Although they won all three away games, they lost all four games played at home, and their advance to the World Series was thwarted with a series record of 3 wins and 4 losses.토토사이트

Coach Baker, who won his first World Series in Houston last year, returned with a one-year contract renewal. He aimed to become the first player in the 21st century to win two consecutive World Series, but was blocked by a Texas storm. As Coach Baker’s one-year contract renewal with Houston ended in defeat that day, rumors of his retirement began to flow. The American newspaper ‘The Athletic’ reported that after the game, Coach Baker told people around him that he would retire at the end of this season.

In an official interview after the game, Coach Baker said he “told the players he loved them. He also expressed his gratitude to the players for their hard work and professionalism,” he said, adding, “I had no time to think about my future. I don’t want to take any spotlight away from the players. We need to feel what we have done and think about how we can do better. “After that, I will think about my future,” he said.

He was quiet, but his heart seems set on retirement. He said, “I have two grandchildren, so I tricked them to find another ring. I also have two one-year-old hunting dogs, and since I haven’t been home since February 11th, they won’t recognize me. Has anyone here been away for this long? “I don’t want that job,” he said, laughing.

He would have liked to have finished with a win, but baseball didn’t go his way. In Game 7, the opposing team, Texas, surprisingly introduced Jordan Montgomery, who had thrown 82 pitches as a starter in Game 5, to the bullpen for the first time in three days. Montgomery, who came out in the third inning, pitched 2⅓ scoreless innings and the trend shifted to Texas. On the other hand, Houston did not use starter Justin Verlander in Game 5. Verlander also threw 82 pitches, the same as Montgomery three days ago, but he did not even stand in the bullpen, let alone pitch on this day.

Regarding Verlander’s waiting in the bullpen before the game, Coach Baker said, “I don’t know. I hope it doesn’t come out if possible. He is a pitcher who had Tommy John surgery, and considering his career next year, I wonder if it is worth the risk. “Winning is important, but you don’t have to sacrifice your health,” he said, adding that he would not use Verlander’s bullpen card under any circumstances.

After the game, Coach Baker said, “I didn’t talk to Verlander about the possibility of him pitching during the game. Montgomery is much younger than Verlander and has no arm problems. “He wants to win every game, but he didn’t want to win at the risk of getting injured,” he said, emphasizing that protecting players is a priority over the game in front of him or even winning.

Verlander, a 40-year-old veteran, underwent elbow ligament joint surgery in September 2020 and took the entire year off in 2021. This is the second season of returning, so management is necessary. Verlander, who signed a two-year, $86 million free agent contract with the New York Mets last winter, was unable to join the opening rotation due to inflammation of the teres major muscle before the season, so he started the season in May. Verlander, who returned to Houston ahead of the trade deadline in early August, has a contract remaining until next year, and Coach Baker judged that there was no need to overdo it.

According to ‘MLB.com’, Houston players, including Verlander, also expressed respect for Coach Baker. “Coach Baker is a great guy,” Verlander said. He cares a lot about his players, not only on the pitch but also off it. I am truly grateful to have known Coach Baker as a person. “He’s been a great conversation over the years, and it’s been a real pleasure working with him.”

Second-year shortstop Jeremy Peña also said, “Coach Baker is a legend in baseball. He loved every day he was able to spend with this club. He was good to me and had a lot of trust in me. “He was a great director,” he said. Veteran outfielder Michael Brantley also said, “Coach Baker has had a phenomenal career. “It was an honor to play under him,” he said.

Manager Baker, who hit a total of 242 home runs as an outfielder during his career and was selected as an All-Star and Silver Slugger twice, began his career as a manager with the San Francisco Giants in 1993. He led San Francisco until 2002, then he led the Chicago Cubs from 2003 to 2006, the Cincinnati Reds from 2008 to 2013, and the Washington Nationals from 2016 to 2017, before leading Houston since 2020. He is the only manager to lead all five different teams to fall baseball. He coached 4,046 games over a 26-year career, recording 2,183 wins, 1,862 losses, and a winning percentage of .544. Ranks 7th in total wins and ranks 4th in postseason wins (57 wins). He also won Coach of the Year honors three times, with 10 district wins and 13 postseason appearances.

The only flaw was that they did not win the World Series, but they relieved their sorrow in Houston last year. Coach Baker, who took over Houston in January 2020 when both the general manager and coach were fired after the illegal sign-stealing incident was revealed, and took control of the situation, recorded 320 wins and 226 losses (a winning percentage of .586) over four years and won three district championships. “We have overcome a lot,” said Coach Baker. Although we have received a lot of unfair criticism, the people of this city are proud of us. “I’ve brought a lot of joy over the past four years I’ve been here and the three years before I came, and I’ve made fans of people who weren’t fans,” he said. “Baseball is a tough sport. “It is difficult to stay at the top for a long time, but Houston is a team that has been at the top for quite a long time,” he said proudly.


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