Neymar hit the “triple bad news”…Injuries during Brazil A match, surgery → ‘WAG parents’ kidnapping → ‘women’ ‘shocked’ during knee fat inhalation surgery

Brazilian soccer star Neymar, who was undergoing surgery for an injury, received a big shock in the hospital. His girlfriend, Brazilian influencer Luana Andrade, died while undergoing surgery.

The British Daily Star recently published an article titled “Neymar’s glamorous TV star friend dies during knee liposuction”. While the Daily Star claimed she died during liposuction, local Brazilian media reported that she died of a pulmonary embolism a day after being admitted to a hospital in São Paulo for a “cosmetic procedure”. The cosmetic procedure was liposuction of his knees.토토사이트

Neymar underwent surgery in October after suffering an injury against Uruguay in a South American qualifier for the 2026 FIFA World Cup North and Central America. He was in tears in pain after being pushed down by Uruguay’s Nicolas de la Cruz while dribbling during the game.

Tests revealed that Neymar had torn ligaments and a meniscus in his left knee. He underwent surgery two days ago. The surgery was successful, but the rehabilitation period is expected to be at least eight to nine months, making it unlikely that he will return this season.

Neymar’s “girlfriend” was a famous Brazilian infomercialist. She appeared on the reality TV show Power Couple with her current boyfriend, João Haddad. Neymar also met her on the show.

According to the media, Luana was undergoing surgery to remove fat from her knees when she suddenly suffered a pulmonary embolism. A pulmonary embolism is a sudden blockage in the blood vessels that supply blood to the lungs. The surgery was aborted and she was transferred to the intensive care unit, but she never recovered and died a day later.

Neymar took to his social media stories to share the tragic news, blacking out the screen and writing, “Sad day with two pieces of very bad news. First, my girlfriend Bruna Biancardi’s parents were kidnapped by robbers. But thanks to God, they are safe. The second is the death of a friend. May God receive Luana with open arms,” she mourned.

[Neymar and girlfriend Luana resting after surgery following her injury. She died during cosmetic surgery.


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