Right-handed starter Ovie also has elbow pain…Pittsburgh ‘Emergency’

Pittsburgh Pirates, who needed to reinforce their starters, needed more starters.

Citing sources, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported on the 14th (Korea Standard Time) that Pittsburgh right-hander Johan Oviedo (25) has elbow pain.토토사이트

It is known that he is currently considering various treatment methods. Tommy John surgery is one of them.

If he undergoes surgery, he will not be able to play in the 2024 season.

Oviedo is a pitcher who signed Jose Quintara and Chris Stratton to the St. Louis Cardinals ahead of the trade deadline in August 2022.

Pittsburgh was a ‘land of opportunity’ for him. In two seasons, he started 39 games and pitched 2081/3 innings with 11 wins, 16 losses and a 4.15 ERA.

In the 2023 season, he was in full bloom as a full-time major league starter. He played 1,772/3 innings in 32 games, posting a 9-14 record with a 4.31 ERA.

With one shutout, he supported the starting rotation with Mitch Keller. He was Pittsburgh’s “orthodox starter” with Keller in the second half.

If Oviedo leaves due to injury, Pittsburgh’s need for a starter is expected to grow.

Pittsburgh general manager Ben Cherington suggested reinforcing the selection at the general manager’s meeting earlier.

Pittsburgh needed a veteran starter to replace the roles of Rich Hill, who supported the rotation in the first half of last season, and Vince Velazquez, who left due to an early injury.

On top of that, Obi also added a variable called injury, making it more urgent to reinforce the starting lineup.

Currently, the remaining starting resources in Pittsburgh include Keller, Luis Ortiz, Roanji Contreras, Queen Frister, Osvaldo Vido, Bailey Falter, Andre Jackson and Jackson Wolfe.


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