Build a strong frame. SSG Futures is improving its constitution…Director Son Si-heon said, “The players have different eyes.”

SSG is having a busy off-season. ‘Leadership change’ is prominent. They changed the head coach of both the first team and the Futures. A situation that emphasizes ‘development’. Naturally, the Futures became important, and coach Son Si-heon (43) started to improve the organization.

SSG announced the appointment of Si-heon Son as the new head coach of the Futures on the 2nd. Son had been training in the United States and returned home in a hurry. He asked for NC’s consent and took the helm of SSG Futures.

He returned in a hurry. Almost immediately after returning home, he headed to Kagoshima, Japan. I’ve been busy traveling and coaching the Futures squad in training, and now we’re at the end of our final camp. I’m spending my time building the basics for next year.

“We have a direction, and we need to establish a routine for each player. We are emphasizing the basics. We are working on organizing the players so that they don’t feel confused,” he explained.

“We’re trying to maximize each player’s strengths so that they can be used at the right time in the first team. Right now, we’re building a strong framework.”

Like any club, the Future Team has one goal. It is to develop good players and send them to the first team. SSG is no different. In the end, you have to go with the system of the first team. If the first team goes to the first team and the Futures goes to the Futures, it will only add to the confusion.

“We go the same way as the first team. The first team manager and coach come first. There are team operations and training directions set by the first team. Futures should prepare accordingly.” He emphasized that.

He also said, “In a big way, it’s a first team-Futures integration. We’re creating a team manual. It’s about getting the team on the same page no matter who’s in charge. It’s important now, but it’s also important for the future. The players shouldn’t be confused.”

For the players, he emphasized the basics. In particular, defense. If you don’t play defense, you don’t play. Son was one of the best shortstops in the game. He doesn’t need to say much about defense.

“Defense is also important for pitchers. They seem to focus only on throwing. I want to make defense training a way of life. I want to make them feel like it’s something they have to do all the time. It’s actually something that pitchers don’t like, but I’m communicating with the players.”

“The same goes for the beast part. We start with posture and let them create their own routine. We want to make every player a full SSG, and we don’t want to have any players who are not full SSG. For that, we need to stick to the basics,” he emphasized.굿모닝토토

It’s almost a ‘rebuilding’ process. It’s not easy. Even the players are struggling. “I don’t think it’s a lot of training, but the players say it’s hard. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve reduced the amount of training,” he laughed.

“We are only doing the necessary training. In the end, self-directed training is the most effective. I want them to do that. They have to find it for themselves. Futures players basically have to prepare a lot. Only then can they go to the first team,” he emphasized.

“It’s a short period of time, but it’s going according to plan. It’s encouraging. The players are trying to follow along, and I’m glad to see that. I can see the will. Their eyes are different. They are all on the starting line. It’s a competition. The off-season preparation is essential. We’re keeping an eye on them.”

He added, “The camp is going well. The weather is good. It’s a great place to train, from the field, to the auxiliary field, to the pitching cages, to the indoor batting cages, to the weight room. I want to come back,” he laughed.

It is said that the Futures are the real powerhouse when they are strong. If you look at the teams that stood at the top, the teams that built dynasties, they had strong ‘depth’. SSG is also focusing on this aspect.

Coach Son Si-heon said, “Everyone is a necessary player for the team. They are just where they are now. I’ll raise them well. They need to be able to fill a spot in the first team immediately. We need to create such players here. I will prepare myself well so that I can be sent to the first team at any time.”

SSG Futures head coach Son Si-heon conducts the final camp in Kagoshima. Photo courtesy of SSG Landers

SSG terminated the contract of head coach Kim Won-hyung, signaling a generational change. Veterans are taking center stage. The team is reorganizing its roster. However, they said “remodeling,” not rebuilding. It is hoping for a new structure.

The veterans are in place. They have their own thing. Younger players need to come up and compete. Only then can there be harmony. It’s true that this side was relatively lacking.

That’s why we brought coach Son Si-heon to Futures. It may be difficult to get results in one day. But you just need to get the right direction. We are working on that. The final camp is the starting point.


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