“Gonghanjeung” is an old saying?…China says, “Son Heungmin, I love you!”

When the national soccer team traveled to China for the second qualifying round of the North American World Cup in more than six years, the team’s status was transformed.

Once feared by Chinese fans, the team has become an object of admiration and immense popularity.

The Korean national soccer team traveled to China to be warmly welcomed by fans who had been waiting for them since dawn.

The cheers were even louder in China, where the team returned after more than six years.

Fans came out in droves to watch the national team, led by world-class stars like Son Heung-min, Lee Kang-in, and Kim Min-jae.레모나토토

The airport was packed with not only Korean but Chinese fans as well, with the players wearing their team’s jerseys and even Son Heung-min’s autobiography.

Even national team coach Klinsmann couldn’t move easily under the onslaught of autographs.

[Yiliyan/Chinese soccer fan: “There are a lot of Son Heung-min fans, he’s talked about a lot in China, and there are a lot of fans who watch the Premier League, so they like him.”]

The team started the day with light recovery training indoors.

Despite feeling the heat, the team’s determination to recreate the feat was evident on the pitch.

The team hasn’t forgotten the pain of losing to China in Son’s absence during the final qualifying round of the World Cup in Russia six years ago.

Cho Kyu-sung, who rattled the Chinese goal in the East Asian Cup last year, is determined to continue his recent frightening run of form.

[Cho Kyu-sung/Football National Team: “I think China will come out a lot rougher, but if we are just as rough and strong as them, I think we can win.”]

Boasting an elevated status, the national soccer team is poised to remind the world of the fears of Korean soccer in their first trip to China in six years.


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