“Second Shin Min-jae” + Finding Hidden Jewelry, 2nd Draft will be held

The KBO League’s ‘Hidden Gem Search’ will hold its second draft to find the next Shin Min-jae.

“The second draft will be held on the 22nd (today) at a hotel in Seoul,” the KBO said, explaining that it will be held as a private event for security reasons for each club.

The secondary draft was held every other year from 2011 to 2019 to level the league and increase player opportunities. It was later abolished in 2021 in favor of the Future Free Agent system, but the secondary draft was revived when Future Free Agents became less popular.굿모닝토토 도메인

Teams can nominate their own players, developmental players, military reserves, and developmental military reserves, excluding the nine teams’ 35 protected players, as of the end of the regular season.

In addition, players in their first to third year of professional play, free agents (including overseas returning free agents), and foreign players were automatically excluded from the draft.

The 10 clubs will select players in the third round in the reverse order of their performance this season, with the bottom three clubs receiving the right to nominate up to two more players, bringing the total to five. There is also a limit of four players that can be drafted by a club.

The transfer fee for a player’s former club is 400 million won in the first round, 300 million won in the second round, 200 million won in the third round, and 100 million won in the fourth round for the bottom three teams.

Teams cannot transfer players acquired in the second round of the draft to other teams for one year. They are also excluded from free agent compensation. Teams will also be required to keep players they acquire in the draft on the active roster for a certain number of days in the 2024 season to guarantee playing time for players who switch teams. First-round picks must be on the roster for 50 days, second-rounders must be on the roster for at least 30 days, and third-rounders and below are exempt.

If a player fails to fulfill the mandatory registration requirements within two years of being drafted, the player can return to the original club. If the organization does not want the player back, he will be declared a free agent. If the player returns to the original team, the original team must return 50% of the transfer fee to the second round draft pick.

Meanwhile, players who have created ‘myths’ through the secondary draft include Kim Sung-bae, who moved from Doosan to Lotte in 2012, Lee Jae-hak, who moved from Doosan to NC in the same year, and Shin Min-jae, who moved from Doosan to LG in 2018.


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