[Interview] Jeju Seo Jin-soo “Dribbling is an advantage I can say with confidence, but I’m ashamed of my shooting ability”

Although he is one of the K-League’s leading dribbler prospects, Seo Jin-soo’s summer this year was not easy.

Jeju United is struggling to get out 온라인바카라 of the sluggishness that comes every summer. Jeju, which had a particularly bad ups and downs this season, ran 8 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in 10 games from the beginning of April, but from June, when it started to get hotter, they ended up without a win with 4 draws and 6 losses in 10 games like a lie. In the 26th round, they seemed to have overcome the sluggishness with a 3-0 win over Suwon FC, but they lost 0-1 in the Suwon Samsung expedition that followed.

Along with the team performance, Seo Jin-soo’s personal record also faltered. Seo Jin-soo debuted in 2019 at the age of 19 and is a ‘prospective military writer’ who has already completed military service at Kimcheon Sangmu. It is common for players to lose the chance to play at the age of 23, who are not subject to the U-22 rule, but Seo Jin-soo’s position in the team is good. This season, he digested 9 starts and 16 substitute appearances.

Seo Jin-soo scored 4 goals in 8 games in the second half of last year after joining after being discharged, raising expectations with good scoring ability. Even at the beginning of this season, he scored 5 goals until the 15th round, when the team was on the rise. However, there was no score for more than two months after that.

Nevertheless, what draws attention to Seo Jin-soo is his various dribbling skills. He uses a variety of techniques, such as turning his body 360 degrees between two opponents to get out of the way, passing an exquisite pass to a teammate, and then moving to receive and hit the ball to release pressure.

Dribbling comes from confidence. “I have confidence in ball keeping. If you ask me what my strengths are, I can confidently say that I am confident in ball keeping, turns, etc. I don’t do back passes or side passes, and if there is a defender in front of me, I try to get past them. I think that kind of attempt comes naturally on the pitch.”

The club nicknamed Seo Jin-soo for his recent turn is ‘Hallasan Roulette’. When I asked Seo Jin-soo about this nickname, he said, “The hyungs tease me a lot at the training ground. Every time I get on the bus, I talk about it. He said, ‘When I turn on my cell phone, only you come out, Jinsu.’ , Hallabong…. I think I like it. It’s cute. (Old) Ja-cheol hyung is still sometimes called Gu Ja-bong.”

The senior who makes fun of Seo Jin-soo the most is Kim Bong-soo. However, Seo Jin-soo can afford it. Kim Bong-soo passed the selection for Sangmu Kim Cheon and has to serve in the military from next season. “When Bong-soo hyung makes fun of me, I become quiet when I tell him, ‘Enlist in the army.’

The club has been steadily attempting to link Seo Jin-soo’s name with the girl group New Jeans. At the beginning of the season, when he scored goals, he tried to make “Seo Jin-soo rather than New Jins” like a catchphrase. When Seo Jin-soo heard about Eugenes, he said, “Out of the three, I just need to do well.” He said, “Actually, Heys and Yuri probably don’t even know what that is. At the beginning of the season, the hyungs teased me a lot, but now it’s because they’re doing it too much, so it’s fortunate that it’s not mentioned much.” .

Jinsu Seo feels that his personal slump and his team’s slump are closely related. “I was greedy for goals in most of the games in June and July. Once I started entering, people around me said that I needed points like a striker, but I think focusing on that and going in put pressure on myself. These days, I abandoned my greed and helped the team. I think more about how to play.”

Seo Jin-soo is a military man, but he used to dream of being selected for the Hangzhou Asian Games apart from his military service benefits. Although he was tested by head coach Hwang Seon-hong, he was not named in the final roster. he’s not embarrassed This is because, in addition to Seo Jin-soo, the K-League’s top-notch second-tier resources are packed with good players. Instead, Seo Jin-soo is dreaming of a higher place.

“Honestly, I really want to wear the national team mark. I don’t think national team A is that far away. In the end, it’s up to me. I want to show something and then be greedy. Right now I’m lacking a lot.”

While watching videos of many dribblers and studying the secrets, he made use of his strengths, but there is also a point where he feels that he is far from becoming the A representative, which is his goal. so is the shot He thinks that the reason why he doesn’t score well is because he lacks kicking power and is training.

“What I’m trying to develop is my shooting ability. As a striker, there is no clear shot, so even if a dribble breakthrough can be threatening for a while, it’s not a big threat. That’s why I do a lot of shooting training. To be honest, I don’t like any of my kicks, and sometimes I feel shy.”