“Signing with such an incompetent team harms Kim Ha-sung… He needs to improve before signing an extension” Criticism of SD

The total annual salary of the team exceeds 240 million dollars. It is the third most expensive team among 30 major league clubs, but it is not long before it is eliminated from the postseason. Before attempting to extend the contract with Kim Ha-seong 메이저사이트 (28), there was criticism that the San Diego team itself should have a cool self-reflection. 

The Sanding Ago local media’East Village Times’ said on the 30th (hereinafter Korean time) that ‘San Diego must resolve internal problems before signing more extension contracts’ and ‘praise for making large expenditures over the past two years. It’s San Diego, but with a roster that’s seriously flawed, it’s time to take a step back.” 

San Diego has signed contracts with seven players totaling $1.3 billion since February 2021. Fernando Tatis Jr. (14 years, $350 million), Manny Machado (11 years, $350 million), Jake Cronenworth (7 years, $80 million), Darvish Yu (6 years, $108 million), Joe Musgrove (5 years, $100 million) and Robert Suarez (5 years, $46 million) extended their contracts, and free agents signed Xander Bogatz (11 years, $280 million). 

The media said, ‘San Diego has a 10-year contract with Machado, Tatis, and Bogatz until the 2030s. At the time of signing, it seemed like a wise choice to keep good players for a long time, but the situation quickly changed after one season. San Diego’s playoff hopes are all but fading. He pointed out that the odds of making the playoffs are only 3%. As of the 30th, San Diego is 62-71, 4th in the National League West and 7th in the Wild Card. 

The media then said, “San Diego is showing incompetence in not making the most of its players. The player development and analysis part needs to be completely reorganized. “San Diego is behind the times in using analytics and providing the best support for players to succeed in Padres uniforms,” ​​he said. Little preparation or effort is made to help the player. He strongly criticized it, saying, “It is the first thing San Diego needs to look at.” 

Continuing, the media said, “It often happens that proven veterans perform below expectations after coming to San Diego.” The reason is likely to be inside the club. Compared to other teams such as the Atlanta Braves, Tampa Bay Rays, LA Dodgers, and Houston Astros, they are far behind in player development and analysis. There is also a lack of team identity. If Bob Melvin is fired and another manager is appointed, AJ Preller will become the fifth manager. This problem has been going on for a long time in San Diego even before Melvin came, and it has been festering for several years,’ he said, referring to free agents and trade failures such as Eric Hosmer, Drew Pomeranz, and Will Myers. On the other hand, Trey Turner and Max Fried, who were traded by San Diego, showed potential in other teams.  

The media said, ‘San Diego needs to look straight into itself before it starts negotiating extension contracts with players like Juan Soto and Ha-Sung Kim. The top priority this offseason isn’t signing another big deal or making a flashy trade. The first priority is to evaluate how the club is working in every way. Clubs, including the minor leagues, need to evaluate their own scouting and make necessary changes in the way they develop and prepare players. Signing extended contracts with players before going through this process of improvement can harm the players as well,” he said, emphasizing that improving the constitution of the club is a priority rather than hasty contracts. 

Furthermore, the media said, ‘Phreller’s general manager signs an extension contract with Soto and the team may work out. In order to do that, the analysis and player training programs under President Preller must be improved. Otherwise, the same situation of below-expected grades will be repeated. If Preller is not willing to do that, owner Peter Seidler will have to find a new general manager,’ he urged for a change in the general manager.