“Why should we do Gocheok Dome doubleheader?” Director Hong Won-ki’s anger…KBO “We considered DH equity by team.”

Director Hong Won-ki of Kiwoom Heroes was furious. It is none other than the Gocheok Dome double header schedule organized in September 메이저사이트. It is the first time since the opening of Gocheok Dome that a double header schedule has been organized at Gocheok Dome. Coach Hong strongly expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that the home doubleheader schedule was organized when there was a reserve day for the Gocheok Dome match.

On August 29, the KBO officially announced the schedule for the remainder of the regular season. As for the remaining games, a total of 121 games will be organized until October 11, including 50 unscheduled games and 71 games that need to be reorganized, including rain or shine, as the two-game series was abolished from this season and organized into a three-game format.

Among the rest of the game schedule, it is the double header schedule that catches the eye the most. In particular, 4 out of 5 games on September 9, a regular match, were reorganized as double headers. Including four double headers on that day, six double header schedules will be held in the remaining game schedule later.

It is also unfamiliar that Kiwoom plays a double header in its home game. Kiwoom plays the Gocheok Hanwha Eagles game on September 9 as a double header schedule. It is expected that it will be a difficult week for the Kiwoom team as it is scheduled to play 4 consecutive home matches on the weekend after 3 consecutive away matches for the NC Dinos in Changwon during the week.

Coach Hong Won-ki also threw a strong bitter voice about the organization of the double header. On August 29, after the cancellation of the match against Munhak SSG Landers in the rain, coach Hong met with reporters and said, “I looked at the schedule for the remaining games and felt it was unreasonable.”

Director Hong continued, “It’s like organizing a double header on the regular schedule that has already been scheduled, and there’s a reserve day behind it, so why didn’t we put the double header schedule in?” In addition, our team has to go to Changwon and play 4 consecutive games including double headers. It seems that relatively important games (in the ranking fight) have been assigned first, but from the point of view of our team, which has played a lot of games without canceling rain, it can’t help but feel unreasonable.”

Regarding coach Hong’s criticism, the KBO explained that the decision was made for fairness in organizing the double header. Regarding the organization of the doubleheader, it was to make sure that all clubs digest the doubleheader schedule at least once.

A KBO official said, “Fundamentally, to reduce the tightness of the remaining game schedule, we decided to organize a double header on September 9th. Postponing all doubleheader schedules after September 10 forced a schedule that would be more difficult for the club and players. The organization of the double header of the Kiwoom home game is also a decision made to balance each team. Considering the fact that Hanwha also has a lot of remaining games, it was judged that even the Gocheok Dome match was a suitable day for organizing a double header.”

A KBO official continued, “Kiwoom only needs to digest the double header schedule once. If you don’t digest the double header schedule even once, can’t you see that other teams are against fairness? Above all, this situation is bound to be created by changing from a 2-game series to a 3-game series. Clubs say they don’t like the two-game series, so they change it, but if they say they can’t handle the doubleheader schedule, it’s difficult for us to meet all the conditions one by one. I hope you take that into account.”